25 years of Solutions for Workers' Compensation and Liability Settlements

For over 25 years Medivest has been helping our clients navigate the complexities of MSP Compliance. We offer solutions for workers’ compensation and liability settlements. Professional Administration, MSA Reports, Lien Resolution and more.

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Professional Administration

The complex made simple

Professional Administration

Our claims administrators are hired to manage the injured person’s future medical funds after settlement.

Lien Resolution Services

Increase your net settlement

Lien Resolution

Unresolved liens may disrupt settlement disbursement or could lead to claims against attorneys’ fees. Failure to resolve liens may jeopardize settlement funds.

Medicare Set-Aside Allocation Report

Prepare for the future

MSA Reports

Reports providing the anticipated medical expenses that are injury related for the remainder of the injured person’s life.

Medivest Trust Advisor Service

Peace of mind

Trust Advisor Services

Hired by the Trustee, Medivest advises and administers future medical funds held within any trust account.

Who is Medivest?

In 2021, Medivest celebrates our 25th year in business. Starting as a Professional Administration company, we now offer a full suite of MSP Compliance and settlement solutions. Medivest has evolved, stood the test of time, and continues to be an industry leader.

Medicare Set-Aside Professional Administration: What Is It?

An injured person who plans to administer their own Medicare Set-Aside (MSA) account has a challenging and complicated job ahead of them. Professional Administration lifts that burden from the injured person, helping them comply with federal administration standards and protecting their government benefits.

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