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Medivest is a leading provider of Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) compliance solutions to the workers’ compensation and general liability industries.  Medivest has been administering medical custodial accounts since 1996, and in 1998, was the first to professionally administer a Medicare Set-Aside Arrangement.

Medivest has been a persistent innovator, creating solutions (such as the MSA Self-Administration Kit and MSA Trust Advisor Services) that address a variety of MSP and settlement issues.  Medivest offers a wide array of products and services that make it the most competent and comprehensive source for MSP compliance solutions in the industry.

Our Executive Staff

Medivest CEO Douglas Brand


Douglas Brand

Medivest President Aaron Winnell


Aaron Winnell

Medivest Vice President of MSCP Compliance Natt. O Reifler, J.D.

Vice President of MSP Compliance

Natt O. Reifler, J.D.

The Medivest Team

the Medivest team - the most experienced team in the industry


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