Medical Cost Projection ReportA Medical Cost Projection (MCP) Report is a comprehensive and affordable projection of an injured person’s future medical costs. It can be an effective tool for setting reserves, helping advance negotiations to achieve settlement, and auditing existing files. Our experienced team of nurses closely review medical records to determine the reasonable type, amount, and cost of future medical care based on medical information provided such as:

  • Treatment patterns appearing in the medical records
  • Prescription medication usage
  • Physician recommendations regarding future treatment
  • Evidence-based guidelines

Reasons to Use a Medical Cost Projection Report

  • To have an extensive report showing the value of an injured person’s future medicals prior to negotiations
  • To help set reserves when planning for a settlement or ensure reserves are accurate
  • When a Workers’ Compensation claim is unlikely to settle, and there’s desire to have the open medical claim professionally administered


  • Complete online Intake Form
  • Submit the first report of injury or the loss statement/date of accident
  • Provide the most recent 2 years of medical records
  • Provide the most recent 2 years of Rx history/records

Medivest has a 10-business day turnaround time once all documents have been received. For an additional fee, a 5-business day rush MCP report may be requested. Our Settlement Consultants look forward to speaking with you today.

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