Medicare Set-Aside Allocation

What is a Medical Set-Aside Report

A Medicare Set-Aside Allocation Report, or Medicare Set-Aside Proposal, is a detailed report indicating what the anticipated Medicare allowable, injury related expenses will be for the remainder of the injured individual’s life expectancy.  The Medicare Set-Aside Allocation Report provides the settling parties with a dollar amount that should be “set aside” out of the settlement to satisfy Medicare’s future interests.
Every Medicare Set-Aside Allocation Report produced by Medivest is written by a highly trained nurse that possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in the preparation of these reports.  We also have certified coders who review every allocation with the most up-to-date coding and pricing available.

When Should You Use a MSA?

  • If the injured individual is receiving Social Security Disability or Retirement
  • If the injured individual is eligible or receiving Medicare
  • If the injured individual is age-eligible or within 30 months of becoming a Medicare beneficiary

For more information about Medivest’s MSA Reports, please watch this video or click here to download our complimentary brochure.

Ready to Get Started?

We hope you find our MSA Report brochure helpful. If you are ready to have a report prepared for your client fill out the form or call us at 833.922.1997. Medivest provides a full suite of MSP Compliance services and settlement solutions. If you have questions regarding the MSA report or any of our other services and products, our representatives will be happy to speak with you.


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