Downloadable Flowchart

Is a MSA Allocation Recommended?

A Medicare Set-Aside Allocation (MSA) Report/Allocation is one of the first steps taken in an effort to consider Medicare’s future interest.  Medivest has an outstanding record for providing accurate and timely MSA allocations that allow the settling parties to proceed forward with their settlement confidently. To determine if any of your cases may need a MSA, fill out the form to receive a helpful flowchart.

Preparing for Settlement

When handling a settlement, it is important to prepare for your client’s injury-related future medical needs and to consider Medicare in the process. To help prepare you for settlement, Medivest would like to offer flowcharts to help determine if a MSA is needed. To download our flowcharts please fill out the form or call us at 862-312-6098 to have a copy sent to you.

Don’t take unnecessary risks during settlement!

Protect your clients’ Medicare benefits with a MSA.  To get started or even if you just have questions about a particular case you’re working on, contact Medivest at 862-312-6098 or fill out the form.


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