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The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) sets the framework for employer-sponsored healthcare and retirement programs. Its goal is to protect employees and the funds they contribute to these plans with payroll deductions. Today, there is an aggressive insurance payment recollection practice using ERISA that can impact funds your client receives as part of a liability or Workers’ Compensation settlement. Medivest can help maximize your clients’ net payouts.

What Is an ERISA Lien?

An ERISA lien is a legal claim to reimbursement for medical expenses paid by an employer-sponsored healthcare plan for an injury when the injured party later receives a settlement. Employers often use third-party companies and the concept of subrogation to attempt to collect money back that insurance paid for injury-related care.

Under ERISA, the funding method for insurance plans determines whether federal laws or state laws govern the subrogation process. If a program is self-funded, federal laws apply regarding the lien process and resolution. Regardless of which laws apply, an ERISA lien can affect your client’s payout.

Experienced ERISA lien resolution services are essential in establishing validity and negotiating reductions.

Our ERISA Lien Reduction and Resolution Services

Negotiating an ERISA lien is simpler when you partner with Medivest. We provide ERISA lien reduction and resolution with a proven process that includes:

  • Communicating with lien holders and third-party subrogation agents on behalf of you and your clients.
  • Confirming funding status of the applicable plan by requesting applicable documents from the Plan Administrator including the Master Plan Document, Summary Plan Description, and Annual Reports (commonly called Form 5500’s).
  • Collecting the payment demands and details.
  • Verifying the existence of liens and confirming the relevance of claims.
  • Assessing claim accuracy and identifying possible offsets and reductions to the obligation.
  • Negotiating aggressively for higher net payouts.
  • Gathering and presenting the best offers.
  • Accepting negotiation offers for your client if you’ve authorized us to do so.

Benefits of Our Services

Workers’ Compensation and liability attorneys consistently turn to Medivest for benefits like:

  • Our experience: Medivest has years of ERISA lien reduction and resolution experience. Our team of professionals includes compliance specialists, skilled resolution negotiators and legal and healthcare experts.
  • Our value: Many states permit our services to qualify as a case-related expense. Partnering with us allows you to make better use of your time and budget.
  • Our variety: We offer an entire suite of lien resolution services that address any pre- or post-settlement needs. Medivest is the only full-service solution in the industry.
  • Our process: We’re proactive in identifying and resolving liens. As a result, our services reduce calls to your clients from collectors and your personal liability for undiscovered liens.
  • Our efficiency: Medivest handles every step of lien resolution for a streamlined, centralized process. You’re free to focus on your core business while we do what we do best.

Discover How Medivest Can Maximize Net Payouts

Our team proactively identifies and aggressively negotiates ERISA liens to help your client reach the best possible financial outcome. We have industry-experienced and qualified professionals to reduce and resolve payment burdens. Reach out to a Medivest specialist today to learn more. Call us at 877-667-3013 or submit your request with our online form.



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