The Federal Employees Health Benefits Act (FEHBA) created a health insurance program specifically for federal employees and eligible family members. Today, the program provides coverage for more than 8 million retirees, former employees, current employees and families.

Courts have ruled that certain language in FEHBA plans “preempts” state laws. In other words, the federal laws regarding subrogation and repayment apply. As a result, many third-party collectors are emboldened to demand full reimbursement.

About FEHBA Liens

A FEHBA lien is a legal claim by a FEHBA-sponsored insurer or its agent against a Workers’ Compensation or liability settlement. These claims arise from an injured person’s medical treatment the insurer paid for — once the person secures a financial award from the at-fault party, the insurer wants reimbursement for injury related care. To get that repayment, they file a lien against the settlement funds.

Finding a FEHBA lien can be disheartening for your clients, who have already experienced physical, emotional and financial pain because of their injuries. Medivest can help you retain the highest net payout possible for your clients as your FEHBA lien resolution and reduction specialist.

Lien Resolution Services From Medivest

Liability and Workers’ Compensation lawyers nationwide partner with Medivest for professional FEHBA lien reduction services. We help them manage their time and workflow better by:

  • Obtaining all reimbursement demands.
  • Investigating and verifying lien existence and relevance.
  • Analyzing claims for errors, compromise possibilities and opportunities to reduce payment obligations.
  • Managing communications with lien holders, subrogation vendors or both.
  • Negotiating aggressively to get to “best offers.”
  • Accepting offers on your client’s behalf should you authorize us to.

Why Choose Medivest?

Working with Medivest delivers benefits like:

  • Improved focus: We manage the lien resolution process from beginning to end. As a result, you have more time to concentrate on client-facing tasks.
  • Market-leading experience: Medivest has an experienced team and more than 25 years of industry service.
  • Limited liability: We proactively identify and help resolve outstanding liens, reducing your likelihood of being surprised.
  • Client support: Our lien resolution services improve your client’s experience with you. Once we take over the communications, we’ll work to ensure they receive fewer demanding calls from subrogation vendors.
  • Full-scale solutions: Medivest is the country’s only lien resolution services provider with solutions across case life. We have a range of services for each step from pre- to post-settlement.
  • Better efficiency: Our services centralize the entire process, making reporting and management more efficient and straightforward.
  • In-depth knowledge: The Medivest team of lien resolution specialists has extensive expertise in negotiations and subrogation. We know what it takes to get results.
  • Added value: Medivest services may qualify as case-related expenses in many states. The ability to categorize us that way means better budget management for you.

Trust Medivest for FEHBA Lien Reduction and Resolution

We’re great at what we do. Our innovative processes and commitment to an outstanding customer experience set us apart. Learn more about our results and what it’s like to work with us, then contact a lien resolution specialist online or call 877-667-3013 to get started.


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