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Medicaid is a state-based health insurance plan funded by federal and state sources but administered at the state level.  Under federal law, the states must have a system in place to recover certain payments Medicaid made. Complicating matters is the fact that each state has its own agencies and set of laws for supporting repayment. This mix of authority means both state and federal laws can impact the settlement you’ve fought hard to negotiate.

About Medicaid Liens

Medicaid liens come about when an individual covered by the plan experiences an injury in an accident where liability or Workers’ Compensation applies. If the injured party later receives a settlement, the state’s Medicaid agency must pursue reimbursement of what it paid for injury-related treatment. Doing so means filing a legal claim against the settlement funds, including for an estate if it’s the party receiving financial compensation.

With 50 different state agencies and the federal government involved, navigating Medicaid liens in personal injury cases and Workers’ Compensation settlements can be complex. Fortunately, you have an experienced partner on your team when you work with Medivest.

Medivest Services for Medicaid Liens

We use a proven process to help ensure the highest net payout for your clients. Our services include:

  • Recording all reimbursement demands in a centralized file.
  • Coordinating communications with Medicaid agencies and subrogation vendors.
  • Verifying lien existence and type.
  • Investigating liens for legitimacy.
  • Assessing opportunities to offset or reduce payment demands.
  • Negotiating compromises.
  • Collecting and presenting final offers.
  • Accepting agreements on behalf of your client with authorization.

Why Medivest?

Medivest is the clear choice for Medicaid lien reduction services. We’re a market leader because of our:

  • Extensive experience: Our team is among the industry’s most experienced. We’re also proud to say our professional account administration services are the oldest in the business.
  • In-depth expertise: Medivest professionals come from relevant negotiation, law and healthcare backgrounds. This combined knowledge allows us to deliver unparalleled support.
  • Service offerings: We’re the market’s only lien resolution and reduction provider with services across the case landscape. Whether you need pre- or post-settlement help, Medivest is on your side.
  • Client support: We limit your liability by uncovering and resolving liens before they pose more significant issues. Our services also keep subrogation vendors from contacting your clients for direct payment demands.
  • Efficiency improvements: Medivest makes reporting and coordinating simple with end-to-end resolution management. While we handle the client details and communications, you’ll have more time to focus on client service.
  • Incredible value: We continually seek new ways to improve our processes. As a result, we’ve developed innovative ways to identify opportunities and cut costs.

Work With Medivest for Medicaid Lien Reduction and Resolution

Learn why personal injury and Workers’ Compensation attorneys in all 50 states turn to Medivest for lien reduction solutions. Our comprehensive services clear debt while helping you ensure your client gets the maximum payout for their future care and past expenses. Connect with a lien resolution specialist online today or call us at 877-667-3013 to refer a case.


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