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Clients come to you after an injury to file a liability claim when they’ve experienced physical, emotional and financial pain through the actions of another. You help them secure an appropriate settlement. Then you discover a lien from TriCare or the Veterans’ Administration (VA) that could leave your client with less money than their care requires. That’s when it’s time to contact Medivest.

What Are Veterans Administration or TriCare Liens?

A Veterans or TriCare medical lien results from a legal claim against an injured person’s settlement when they receive one for their injuries under a liability case. If TriCare or the VA has paid for medical treatment related to the injury, they have the right to demand repayment from settlement proceeds. To do so, they file a lien against the money.

Satisfying these liens is essential, but you also want to protect the highest net payout to your clients. It’s possible to do both when you work with Medivest — a lien reduction and resolution leader.

How Medivest Works for You

Our specialists in Veterans and TriCare lien reduction and resolution provide end-to-end case management. As part of our services, our team will:

  • Collect all lien claims and reimbursement demands.
  • Analyze and confirm lien existence and legitimacy.
  • Handle communications with lien holders and manage the negotiation phase.
  • Inform private healthcare insurance companies, if needed.
  • Uncover potential areas of compromise, possible offsets and opportunities to lessen payments.
  • Negotiate aggressively on behalf of you and your clients.
  • Gather and present the best proposals.
  • Agree to offers with your authorization.

Advantages of Working with Medivest

Attorneys choose to work with us because:

  • We have the experience: We’ve been negotiating Veterans and TriCare liens for years. This industry longevity has given us an in-depth knowledge base to draw from.
  • We have the efficiency: Our lien resolution and reduction services streamline the process at every step. We handle the workflow so you can concentrate on more strategic tasks.
  • We have the versatility: Medivest is the one-stop answer for your lien reduction or resolution needs. We offer services across the case spectrum and are the only company in the industry with a full range of pre- and post-settlement solutions.
  • We have the skills: Our team is among the most experienced and qualified in the industry. You’ll gain peace of mind knowing you have an expert on your team.
  • We have the history: Medivest is the clear choice when you want a proven lien resolution company. We have a tradition of unmatched customer service and actual results.
  • We have your back: We help prevent your clients from getting calls from subrogation companies demanding repayment. Our services also limit your liability potential by proactively uncovering valid liens.

Get TriCare Lien Reduction and Resolution Services from Medivest Today

We work hard to obtain the best possible settlement outcomes for your clients’ needs. Trust our innovative solutions and industry-leading experience to reduce their financial burdens. Contact a lien resolution specialist today at 877-667-3013 or submit a request online to learn more.


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