Medicare Set-Aside Self Administration KitThe Medivest Medicare Set-Aside Self-Administration Kit (SAK) is a valuable tool developed by the nation’s leader in Medicare Set-Aside Professional Administration.  It provides injured persons who have workers’ compensation or liability settlements the resources to assist in administration of their own Medicare Set-Aside accounts. Our MSP compliance experts will equip the self-administering claimant with the knowledge and resources they’ll need in order to properly hold and disburse their MSA funds in treatment of their injury.

By purchasing a Medivest Medicare Set-Aside Self-Administration Kit, you’re demonstrating your intent to consider and protect Medicare’s interests in compliance with the Medicare Secondary Payor (MSP) Statute. You’re also making sure that the injured person will not be taking on administration without access to information and tools designed to help assist with the MSP compliance burden.

What’s Included

With purchase of the Medivest Medicare Set-Aside Self-Administration Kit, the injured person will receive a one-hour consultation on the proper administration of a Medicare Set-Aside account, covering topics including:


  • Where to deposit and hold Medicare Set-aside funds
  • Which expenses are allowed to be paid from a Medicare Set-Aside account
  • What rates must be used to negotiate and pay for expenses
  • How to annually report the Medicare Set-aside to the CMS
  • What to do if the MSA funds exhaust temporarily or permanently
  • How to discuss a Medicare set-aside with a medical provider
  • What are the tax implications of interest earned on Medicare Set-Aside funds

Medivest will provide some example documentation that can be referenced as the injured person learns to properly administer their MSA funds. Also, Medivest will provide the injured person with a copy of the CMS’ Self-Administration Toolkit for Workers’ Compensation Medicare Set-Aside Arrangements (WCMSAs), and show the injured person where they can obtain the most up-to-date versions.

The Benefit to You

The SAK serves as another hedge against the possibility of an injured person’s potential claim against an attorney for negligent representation if their future Medicare benefits are denied, and is a guard against CMS exercising recovery rights for non-compliance against any or all parties to the settlement.

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