On Friday, February 23, 2024, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) published an alert regarding the upcoming change to Section 111 reporting to include Workers’ Compensation Medicare Set-Aside (WCMSA) amounts for Workers’ Compensation settlements meeting the $750 threshold regardless of whether the WCMSA was submitted to CMS for approval or not.

“All MSA funding for WC settlements shall be reported regardless of whether or not an approval was previously sought from the CMS. This change will be prospective for the Total Payment Obligation to Claimant (TPOC)s on or after the implementation date. For example, records submitted on a production file with a TPOC date on or after April 4, 2025, will be subject to the new edits.”

Please note that testing of the new fields will be available as early as October 7, 2024. The full alert is available at in the Download section of the NGHP Alerts page here.

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On January 10, 2024, the U.S. Department of Labor published a final rule, revising its guidance to employers and workers to help determine if a worker qualifies as an employee or an independent contractor (IC) under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).  The final ruling explains that the economic reality test is comprised of six-factors that are a guide to conduct the totality-of-the circumstances analysis to determine economic dependence. The new ruling takes effect March 11, 2024. To view the final ruling, click here.  

Misclassification Issues 

Employers need to distinguish between employees and independent contractors when considering eligibility for workers’ compensation. Correctly distinguishing between employees and independent contractors is crucial for legal compliance, cost management, liability avoidance, and ensuring workers receive the appropriate benefits and protections. Misclassification can have significant financial and legal consequences for employers. 

What is the Economic Realities Test?  

The US Department of Labor uses an economic realities test to help employers comply with the law, reduce the risk of employee misclassification, and to help determine if a worker is classified as an independent contractor or as an employee. This test consists of six-factors that are all weighed against each other. All factors should be considered.  No single factor determines a worker’s status.  No one factor or combination of factors is more important than the other factors.  This test considers the totality of the circumstances of the working relationship. Below are the six (6) factors. 

  1. Opportunity for profit or loss depending on managerial skill, 
  2. Investments by the worker and the employer, 
  3. Permanence of the work relationship, 
  4. Nature and degree of control, 
  5. Whether the work performed is integral to the employer’s business  
  6. Skill and initiative 

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CMS will be hosting a Section 111 Workers’ Compensation Reporting Webinar on Monday November 13, 2023 applicable to all primary plans considered Non-Group Health Plans (NGHP) including Liability Insurance (including Self-Insurance), No-Fault Insurance and Workers’ Compensation. Section 111 is also known as Mandatory Insurance Reporting and CMS will be focus its webinar on the expansion of Section 111 Non-Group Health Plan (NGHP) Total Payment Obligation to Claimant (TPOC) reporting to include Workers’ Compensation Medicare Set-Aside (WCMSA) information.

As usual, the format will include opening remarks and then a presentation by CMS that will include background and timelines, followed by a question-and-answer session. CMS has indicated that “because this expansion impacts reporting of WCMSAs, it is strongly recommended that Responsible Reporting Entities (RREs) who report Workers’ Compensation settlements attend.”


Date:  November 13, 2023
Time:  1:00 PM ET

Webinar Link: htps://

Passcode: 100553

Or to connect via phone:

Conference Dial In: 1-833-568-8864
Conference Passcode: 160 678 9743

Due to the number of expected participants, please log in at least 10 minutes prior to the start of the presentation.


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