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As we begin the year 2021, Medivest proudly celebrates 25 years in business. Medivest is a national company who continues to be an industry leader in the Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) compliance.  In 1996, Medivest was recognized by The Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for professionally administering the first Medicare Set-Aside (MSA) arrangement. Since then, we have developed into a full-service industry innovator, creating effective methods, and providing solutions aimed at achieving a higher net settlement while ensuring MSP compliance.

Services Offered by Medivest

Trust Advisor Services

Medivest Medicare Set-Aside Trust Advisor Services provides trustees confidence they are in compliance with the intent of the MSP Statute, and beneficiaries peace of mind their Medicare benefits will be protected.  This service is designed to take the burden away from the trustee by advising the trust on the administration of all the medical funds, including the Medicare Set-Aside (the funds earmarked for future Medicare allowable, injury related medical care).  It’s like having your own department of MSP compliance experts!

Professional Administration and Post-Settlements Accounts and Services

Medivest’s Professional Administration Services administers an injured person’s future medical post settlement funds. We offer the following types of post settlement administration accounts and services:

  • Medicare Set-Aside Account
  • Medical Custodial Account
  • Trust Advisor Services
  • Self-Administration Kit

Allocation Services

We provide accurate and timely allocation reports that allow settling parties to confidently proceed with settlement. Every Allocation Report is prepared by a highly trained nurses. Our staff of certified coders review every allocation with the most up to date coding and pricing available. Medivest prepares the following types of reports:

  • Medical Cost Projection Reports
  • Medicare Set-Aside Reports

Joe Anderson

Vice President of Business Development
Email: janderson@medivest.com 
Phone: 415.606.1332

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